Our Works

We are a Japanese creative house that thrives on the significance of zero. When consideering the question of "what are the creative ideas needed in a mature society," we strive to be a nudge for society to move in the right direction. To do so, we generate ideas in a neutral state that eliminates prejudice. We work on various projects with the primary notion of "always sticking to nothing".

  • Hanshin Electric Railway ”Me-Gourmet”
    Planning and production of a gourmet tour campaign targeting young people on the Hanshin Railway

  • Kyotamba Town
    ”TAMBARIN Open Forestry”

    The new type of tourism aimed at creating "open forestry town" in Kyoto.

  • Kyoto Ohara”SHE SAW OHARA”
    The tourism and branding project for a historic village in Kyoto that has existed for 1,000 years.

  • Kyoto “Kibune Lobe Museum”
    Visual innovation of Kyoto's scenic spots targeting women.

  • Kyoto Arashiyama
    “Home of tanka poetry”

    Make the world-famous tourist destination's essential attractions the most recognizable.

  • Japanese Heritage "Sake, Nada Gogo”
    The attraction of the sacred place of SAKE, which is the pride of Japan, will be presented to the world.

  • Osaka Limousine Boat & Concierge
    Development of a new means of transportation in Osaka “the City of Water.”

    Videos introduction of runnin & sightseeing spots throughout Japan.

  • Minamikawachi Fruit Tourism
    The charms of undiscovered fruits in southern Osaka will be presented.

  • iceland-Japan Cultural Exchange
    The project to exchange the value of each other's cultural assets between Iceland and Japan.

  • Osaka Convention & Visitors Bureau “Osaka Images”
    Collect tourist photos and videos of Osaka that can be used by anyone in the world.

  • Electronic billing “Region Pay”
    Design of an electronic currency system that will revitalize local communities in Japan.

  • Japan Foundation ”Bringing Japanese Edomae Sushi to the World.”
    Introducing traditional Japanese sushi through exhibitions around the world.

  • International venture FREEPLUS Inc. VI
    Logo design for a high-potential Japanese venture company that will lead to the future.